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Become a Business Coach - $99 Mini Course  

For the person who wants to know what it takes to start your coaching business this is the perfect course for you. Learn how to brand yourself, attract clients, and take steps to full-time coaching.

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Ethical Communication with Black Employees

This mini-series is only $99 and will help identify your current communication paths and potential bias, how to adjust  to communicate effectively.

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Build a Diversity and Inclusion Program

Intended for Project Managers, Program managers, consultants, leaders

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Breaking Unconscious Bias- $99 Mini Course

Bias is a part of our reality. It's something we cannot escape but when it leans in the wrong direction we have to actively attempt to identify and reverse it. this class gives you the tips and tricks to identify and change bias behavior.


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Write Your Book in 60 Days

Next Cohort begins March 1st 2021

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