Hello, I'm Dr. Amera McCoy.

Dr. Amera McCoy, an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, who is the Owner and Founder of McCoy Consulting LLC. Prior to starting her own business Dr. McCoy worked within the financial industry, for over 11 years, before she began writing short stories for clients in 2013.

She has since worked with a number of musical artists, including 2020 Blues Hall of Fame inductee Syl Johnson. Dr. McCoy continues to leverage her business acumen, education and writing skills to help clients advance in their personal and professional paths. 

Dr. McCoy received her PhD in Business Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She resides in Chicago, IL with her nine-year-old daughter. 

My Why

My story is different because I did everything right and still could not find success in the corporate world. I realized bias and discrimination are a thing even after achieving much of what my peers could not. I was capped at a position and a salary with no where to go. My talent spoke for itself but I could not change my appearance to fool anyone I am and will always be a black woman. I geared my studies toward changing corporate environments, helping to cultivate change and bringing to the forefront the microagressive behavior everyone including myself likes to ignore. I removed barriers to entry by walking away from corporate jobs. Yet, I can’t fully walk away knowing the success of so many is hindered by company culture, unethical behavior, and lack of training. All of these things can be addressed with coaching and I hope to do that.

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