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As a Business Owner I searched for information to avoid mistakes and failures. Rarely did I find things I could use, therefore, I have dedicated my time to releasing articles, workshops, training, and guides that are helpful to my clients and other business owners.
- Dr. Amera McCoy


Leadership Mindset

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Change your mindset and change you leadership/ Lead with confidence, and personal value to create the following you want in your business or role.


Business Tycoon

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Don't miss this opportunity to become the Tycoon you always wanted to be. It is time to leave behind the worries of everyday work and focus on building an empire that leaves the legacy you dreamed of!


Build a Diversity and Inclusion Program

From Concept to Implementation 

Here is your chance to get the program you need for your business at low cost. Build an engaging, dynamic program with our online class. Follow step by step to bring y our program alive! From Conception to Implementation



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